Black Twin Scholars Receive Racist Letter Following Graduation Celebration; “Consider Moving To A Hood Of Your Kind”

A Florida family is looking for answers after their daughters were the victims of miserable racists who made an attempt to ruin their graduation celebration.

Twin sisters Xanah and Xarah Sproul, both straight-A students who recently graduated from Yulee High School in Jacksonville, were being celebrated by their family who posted graduation photos of the scholars outside of their home. What should have been a joyful time was ruined when they received a shocking letter which read in part, “Don’t you think enough is enough? It’s time to take those hideous posters of that ugly black fat girl down off your house. […] “Your entire brood is a disgrace to the neighborhood. Consider moving to a ‘hood’ of your kind.”

“As a parent, my next reaction is to protect my children. So, I was little bit worried and concerned, and then we ultimately told them about it because I didn’t want them to find out any other way. So, we talked about it first, and then we let them read the letter for themselves,” David Sproul, the girls’ father told FirstCoast News. He says that this was the family’s first time experiencing racism in the neighborhood that they’ve lived in for five years.

Now, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office has gotten involved, telling the First Coast News that they’re now looking into the letter.

“We at the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office do not tolerate racism and hate crimes in our county. This is out of character for Nassau County, and we will continue to investigate this incident. We are proud of the Sproul twins’ accomplishments and hope to get to the bottom of this soon.”

While the racist incident was traumatic, the outpouring of love that the teens have received since the letter went viral has been overwhelming. People across the country have reached out to the family with kind words and care packages.

Recently, hundreds of people orchestrated a parade for the Saint Leo University-bound sisters as they sat in chairs outside of their home, waving at their supporters.

Both have received full-ride scholarships and are hoping to study medicine.

Glad to see that these thriving beauties aren’t letting the ignorance get them down.

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