Black Twitter Accuses Kamala Harris Of Lying About Smoking Weed And Listening To Tupac

People may be blowing Kamala Harris’ statements out of proportion after the presidential candidate revealed she once smoked weed, and listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac.

Harris paid a visit to the well-known radio show The Breakfast Club, and during her interview, she discussed several topics, including an explanation about her rugged past as a district attorney, in which records show she broke state records locking up Black men, including non-violent and low-level offenders.

The conversation then moved on to her admitting that she once tried drugs – specifically marijuana – during her college days. “What does Kamala Harris listen to,” questioned Envy. Charlamagne interjected asking, “What were you listening to when you was high” as Envy continued his question, asking, “Was it Snoop?” Kamala responded, “Definitely Snoop, Tupac for sure, for sure…”

This caused confusion after her statements made it to social media, as Black Twitter was already skeptical of Harris following her problematic history. Black Twitter then pointed out that Harris graduated from college in 1986, and Tupac and Snoop didn’t drop albums until 1991 and 1993, respectively. After the clip of the interview went viral, people began calling Harris a liar who is only trying to pander to Black youth. Some realized it was just miscommunication, but others responded by making jokes about the conversation.

In fact, Black Twitter has now created a new hashtag #KamalaHarrisRapGenius, which features satirical tweets about her hip hop knowledge.

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