Black Twitter Calls Out Virgil Abloh For New $440 “I Support Black Businesses” Hoodie

Black Twitter is reacting to Black American designer Virgil Abloh’s new $440 sweatshirt that reads, “I Support Young Black Businesses.”

Black Twitter is coming at Abloh’s head once again, and this time, it’s because of a new sweater that he’s selling for $440. On the hoodie, in Off-White text, the sweater reads, “I Support Young Black Businesses.” People took issue with the hoodie’s price tag and the garment’s basic design. “I legitimately dislike this man this is what happens when you let social media tell y’all who’s tight. Love blacc business so much you stealing ideas & not paying them, huh? Support us so much you made this hoodie $440, huh? What % is being donated? #virgilabloh,” said a Twitter user.

Others pointed out the irony and hypocrisy of Virgil making a sweater that calls for the support for Black-owned businesses when he only allegedly donated $50 to #BlackLivesMatters protesters’ jail fund. “Charges $440 for this hoodie empowering black businesses BUT donates $50 to the cause. Make it make sense #VirgilAbloh,” wrote one person. “virgil selling that ugly ass hoodie for $400+ when he donated $50 to a bail fund is a huge slap in the face to the working-class black people risking their lives to fight oppression,” said another.

Some also mentioned his questionable design job on #PopSmoke’s latest album. “bro virgil abloh deserves slander 24/7 from giving next to nothing for blm charities to the fkin pop smoke cover & now this?! BULLYLYMPIC,” another Twitter wrote. Others called out Abloh for allegedly ripping off the sweater’s design from another fellow Black designer. “not the price tag and the crappy design and the glorified sweatshop hoodie and virgil’s career just ripping off young black designers and off white in general,” said a Twitter user. “Lmaooo Virgil really be scamming the hell out of black people & y’all continue to fall for it,” a woman wrote.

Abloh has yet to respond to the backlash.

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  1. Black Twitter has become one of the most influenced hoodie. The slogan “I Support Young Black Businesses.” is becoming a new trend for the business world. I agree with you and complete support on this.

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