Black Twitter Claims Tekashi Implicated Elmo, Teletubbies’ Poe And More As Trey Nine Gang Members, Says 6ix9ine Snitched on JP Morgan: “This Has No Impact On His Case, He Just Won’t Stop Talking”

Whew chillay, it’s been a wild last few days as #Tekashi6ix9ine wrapped up his last day in trial.

Daniel “Tekashi69” Hernandez took the stand for his witness testimony, in which he admitted to several planned out shootings, distributing illegal drugs, testified against members of his Trey Nine Gang and claimed Trippie Redd, Cardi B, and Jim Jones are all gang-affiliated. In addition, Tekashi admitted he arranged a hit on Chief Keef for $20,000 and provided more than $80,000 to the Trey Nine Blood Gang.

Between Tekashi sharing phone calls between Jones and named gang member, #MelMurda, and revealing the details of his kidnapping, there wasn’t much Tekashi wasn’t willing to say to the court. It got to the point where social media had to step in and find comedy in the 23-year-old’s inability to hold water.

A Twitter account named CnewsTb tweeted “6ix9ine plans to testify against the captain of the J.P Morgan cargo ship that got busted with 20 tons of Cocaine earlier this summer. “This has no impact on his case he just won’t stop talking” claims his lawyer.” The joke eventually spread through social media, creating a number of hilarious gifs and memes.

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