Black Twitter Jokingly Renames New COVID-19 Variant "The Omarion" After R&B Singer - Baller Alert

Black Twitter Jokingly Renames New COVID-19 Variant “The Omarion” After R&B Singer

Black Twitter has re-named COVID-19’s new variant Omicron after singer Omarion.

First, it was his viral dance routine, but now Omarion is back on our social media timelines. Once people learned that the new COVID-19 variant was named Omicron, it took no time for them to start making lighthearted jokes about it on social media.

“Lemme schedule this booster shot cuz Omarion got me f**ked up,” one person wrote on Twitter. Others made jokes about how scientists are looking at a small dancing Omarion underneath a microscope. Others joked that Omicron’s symptoms would give you Omarion’s dance skills.

One thing’s for sure: Black people will always find a way to find peace and humor even in the toughest circumstances.

Researchers say that the omicron variant is even more contagious than the Delta variant, and it is reportedly more resistant to vaccinations.

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