Black Twitter Praises Nelly After Video Of A$AP Rocky Saying He Started The Air Force 1 Trend Resurfaces

An old interview of ASAP Rocky claiming that he started the trend of wearing Air Force 1s has resurfaced, and Twitter is letting him have it.

When it comes to stompin’ in some Air Force 1s, St. Louis rapper #Nelly was the first ignite the Air Force 1 trend. And it looks like Black Twitter is sending a reminder to A$AP Rocky. This morning, Nelly and Rocky began trending after an old interview of the Harlem rapper remerged. In the 2015 Oxford Union interview, Rocky credits himself as the catalyst for the Air Force 1 hype.

“Coming out with the Air Force 1 thing, man, I lie to you not. You can ask my manager, it was all premeditated. I said, listen, I’m gonna wear these wack sneakers. It was 2011. I said I’ma wear these wack sneakers just to test the scene,” said Rocky. It didn’t take long for Twitter to unleash its wrath upon Rocky, which ended up being more than 45,000 tweets calling out Rocky and mentioning the Nellyville classic “Air Force Ones” featuring #Kyjuan, #AliJones, and #MurphyLee.

Many posted memes and gifs jokingly making light of Rocky’s previous statements. One user wrote, “Nelly had a whole-ass song about Air Force Ones that dropped while ASAP whichever was in middle school. #BoyBye.” Another person wrote, “So now everyone was rocking AF1’s before Nelly’s song?????,” with a photo of the book Cat in the Hat with the words “The Cap on this App” written over the title.

Who do you all think started the trend?

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  1. Rocky is a fool Nelly dripped air force ones before he even probably knew what they were hater Nelly is the shit

  2. To be real in NY we called them UPTOWNS so people where wearing them all ready but when NELLY came out with the song AIR FORCE 1’S he put them on the world map. ASAP ROCKY have several seats…

  3. Sabrina Loveboosieboo Jones

    ASAP is annoying!!!

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