Black Twitter Reacts To Pee Thomas And Lira Galore’s Online Showdown

Quality Control CEO “Pee” Thomas and Lira Galore have been going back to back online after the model claimed he was abusive and an unfit parent in custody court docs.

From a $15 million lawsuit to texts, revealing that Galore snorted cocaine during her pregnancy with their 8-month-old child, there seems to be nothing these two won’t use as ammo against one another. Galore filed a lawsuit against Pee Thomas, alleging that the exec neglects his five children, abused her, and lied about her allowing him unsupervised visitation with their daughter. In response, Pee said that what Galore says is “simply untrue.”

However, Galore went on to say that Thomas always has his “current female friend, girlfriend, or any other women” caring for his children when they are in his custody. She said Thomas merely uses his children for photos when they are around but then passes them along to his lady friends. When it comes to the abuse, Galore provided photos as evidence of the physical altercations that two have had.

But Thomas fired back at Galore, saying he greatly balances his work as an executive and as a father. “No, I’m not perfect, but if anyone knows me, they know I go hard every day so my children will never have to go through what I’ve been through.” He also claimed that Galore’s attempt to get $15 million is a money grab. “THIS IS OBVIOUSLY A 15 MILLION DOLLAR SHAKE DOWN FROM AN ANGRY WOMEN WHO IS DOWN TO HER LAST AND CLEARLY UPSET BECAUSE A FAILED ATTEMPT TO GET HER CHILD SUPPORT SWITCHED,” Thomas exclaimed.

Whether it’s true or not, what is true is that the internet isn’t holding back from making light of the situation.

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