Black Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Popeyes' Strawberry Biscuit Debut 

Black Twitter Hilariously Reacts To Popeyes’ Strawberry Biscuit Debut 

After years of only offering their buttermilk biscuits, which are typically enjoyed with their signature honey, Popeyes introduced the Strawberry Biscuits to menus nationwide on Monday. This dessert takes the brand’s famous biscuits and adds sweet strawberry bits baked into the center. To sweeten the deal, the chicken fast food chain added creamy icing on top of the biscuits. 

This switch-up has left Black Twitter trying out this delicacy for themselves, and the first reviews are flawless.


Customers can snag one at $1.79 a piece or a two-pack for $2.99. Those who fall completely in love with the biscuits can enjoy four for $5.39. Or, the classic biscuits served with each meal can be replaced with the Strawberry Biscuit. Unfortunately, this new sweet treat is only around for a limited time, sending fans flocking to restaurants for their shot at the frosted breaded goodness.  

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