Black Twitter Reacts To Seeing Itself Trending After Jada Pinkett-Smith And Will Smith’s “Red Table Talk”

#BlackTwitter is reacting to seeing itself trending after #WillSmith called out the phenomena during his appearance on #RedTableTalk. 

Friday morning was a whirlwind after the airing of a highly-anticipated episode of “Red Table Talk” in which show host #JadaPinkettSmith addressed rumors that she had an affair with music artist, #AugustAlsina. In the episode, the actress and her actor husband Will sat down and opened up about Pinkett-Smith’s complicated relationship with Alsina. During the chat, the actress admitted to getting “entangled” in a romantic relationship with Alsina while the two were “healing” each other at the time. 

Where Black Twitter first came into play was back when Alsina’s interview with #AngelaYee first dropped. Memes, gifs, and more were created from the Black community on Twitter, mocking, and reacting to the Smiths’ revelation. Fast-forward to Friday’s episode of “Red Table Talk,” Will brought up Black Twitter, saying the community “claimed it their business” to respond to the Smiths’ personal matter. 

In true Black Twitter form, the community is now reacting to that and the interview in general.

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