Black Twitter Reacts To The Reveal of Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan's New Relationship

Black Twitter Reacts To The Reveal of Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan’s New Relationship

Whoever had Lori Harvey on their 2021 wishlist can go ahead and cancel that because the ultimate Hot Girl is officially off the market.

Lori Harvey and actor Michael B. Jordan officially made their rumored romance public, putting an end to all speculations of their relationship.

On Sunday, the couple took to Instagram, confirming their relationship. Lori Harvey posted two Polaroid-like images of herself and her actor beau, and Jordan shared two images of the couple largely in the shadows.


It’s no surprise that Lori bagged one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, and we are living through her, but of course, Black Twitter had to share their thoughts on the new relationship:

One user tweeted: “Steve Harvey out here telling women to wait 90 days meanwhile Lori Harvey out her giving 1-month free trial.”

Another user sided with Lori’s dating life, saying that this is how you’re supposed to date. She tweeted: Also, for those of you who insist on calling Lori a whore. That is what dating looks like. You go out with multiple people until you find the one that fits. Y’all should try it instead of settling with your ‘ride or die all when me life a mash up” mentality.'”

@kokoleo_zn jokingly made a Marvel reference saying: “Lori Harvey be collecting infinity stones with these gents, Personally I Stan.”

Another fan insisted that Lori had all the cheat codes. She tweeted: “MICHAEL B NEVER CLAIMING NOBODY JORDAN POSTED LORI HARVEY!!! RETIRE HER JERSEY NOW!!!”

Some Twitter users don’t understand why Lori and her dating life is a huge topic, one user tweets: “Lori Harvey has a new boyfriend. We are now going to be reading about how this what your 20s should be about for the next 36hrs.”

Twitter User @unknownvegan wrote: “Lori Harvey is a pioneer. I wish more black women would move like her instead of worrying about how we as men might view them. I support that shit.”

Many female fans were also heartbroken when they found out that PEOPLE Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” was now off the market also:

One fan Tweeted: “Me (who has zero chance of being with Michael B Jordan) today when my friend showed me those pics of him and Lori Harvey.”

Another user tweeted: “Today’s been rough but I’ll be okay. If you’re also grieving over the news of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey, know you’re not alone.”

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