Black Twitter Shares ‘Red Flags’ to Watch Out for While Dating

Black Twitter took to the social media platform to share hilarious, but serious, red flags to look out for when dating.

Early Tuesday morning, you might have woke up to red flag emojis all over your Twitter timeline as people started sharing what they feel are “red flags” when dating. Some of the tweets ranged from dropping someone if they send you a “Grand Rising” text to being skeptical of someone who is always on social media but can never text you back.

One Twitter user wrote, “you the one wit all the money,” as their red flag. Another person wrote, “Me and my bm stay in the same house but we not together. I’m waiting on her to find her a spot.” One other person feels that if someone tells you they are “cool” with all their exes, you should look out for that as a red flag. Baller Alert gathered the best of the red flag Twitter trend. What’s a red flag you look out for when dating?


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  1. No such thing as “black twitter”. Black people using twitter does not make it “black twitter”.

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