How to Block Your Ex From Popping Back Into Your Life

Two days into 2018 and the devil is busy. You have already made your New Year’s resolutions and promised to move forward in your life, then you get hit with the, “Hey Big Head” text. It took you a while to get over their ashy ass and now they think a New Year equals a new beginning for the two of you.


It’s hard as hell to truly get over someone that you once cared about but no worries. Baller Alert is going to help you curve their ass in four steps.


1.) D.N.A ( Do Not Answer)- When your ex decides to call or text you trying to feed you nonsense, do not answer. Most of us are iPhone users, so add their number to the block list. No need for them to feel comfortable, texting and calling you whenever they feel like it. Also, unfollow them from social media, if you follow them. Limit the communication as much as possible.


2.) Start Dating Again- Depending on how long the two of you have been broken up, get yourself back out there. Don’t think that just because one relationship didn’t work that the next won’t. You don’t have to jump into a committed relationship right away but try dating so that you are not couped up in the house talking about, “shoulda, woulda, coulda.”


3.) Trust the Process- You have to trust that you made the right decision. Understand that the tears, the anger, and bitterness you have towards them are just temporary. You will get through the breakup process just like any other situation.


4.) Remember Your Ex- Many say that you need to get over your ex and all the crap they put you through. But, what you don’t want to do is forget it. Remember it so you can constantly remind yourself what you don’t want in your life and what you refuse to put up with. You don’t want to make the same mistake twice.


What would you add to the list?

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