Blogger B. Scott Suing BET For $2.5 Million

While at the 2013 BET Awards in Los Angeles last month, I remember seeing B. Scott in person and thinking to myself how beautiful he looked. His hair was long, flowing and laid and the outfit of choice (a black pair of pants, long ankle length navy blue tunic and heels) was although feminine, looked great on him. Nothing too over the top. Little did I know what was going on behind the scenes.

Long story short, blogger B. Scott ( was asked to host the style segment during the annual BET Awards in Los Angeles. According to B. Scott he was given restrictions as to what he could and could not wear, and he obliged. He says that his award attire was approved by BET and the powers that be, but when it came down to recording his segment, he was pulled off the set and forced to “tone down” his look. Those who are familiar with Scott know that he is male, yet dresses in women’s clothing. Nothing crazy, but it’s something that he has done for years now. I’m pretty sure BET knew this when they hired him and if what B. Scott is saying is true, the look was approved. Needless to say B. Scott was given the axe on the scene and replaced with Adrienne Bailon. BET later apologized for humiliating the blogger but B. Scott was not trying to hear it. You can read B. Scott’s entire side of the story HERE.

But there’s more. According to TMZ, B. Scott is suing the major television network for $2.5 million!


B. Scott is suing BET, claiming the network humiliated him during the recent BET Awards by yanking him off the show because he was wearing women’s clothes.

Scott says he was humiliated and suffered damage to his reputation, claiming BET is guilty of discrimination based on gender identity as well as sexual orientation.

He wants $2.5 million minimum from BET.

Calls to BET were not returned.

B. Scott is also claiming to be transgended in the suit.

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