Blueberry & Crème Pies Return To McDonald's After Five Year Hiatus

Blueberry & Crème Pies Return To McDonald’s After Five Year Hiatus

After five years, fans are flocking to McDonald’s to get their hands on the famous blueberry and crème pies, which are back for a limited time.

The fast-food chain last sold the baked treats in the United States in 2017. However, they have occasionally appeared in overseas locations. The pies are filled with blueberries and vanilla-flavored crème and baked in a sweet pie crust.

While there is no definitive date when the pies will be ripped from restaurant menus again, roughly 6,800 of McDonald’s 14,000 U.S. locations have begun carrying the dessert.

McDonald’s is no stranger to the pie business. Last month, they debuted their Holiday Pie, which had several filling options, including vanilla custard, Pumpkin and Crème, Strawberry and Crème, and even Guava and Crème. Their classic Apple Pie has been a staple at the eatery for years, with some locations offering a baked crust and others serving them fried. In addition to these handheld pies, Mickey D’s also offers other sweet tooth remedies such as their hot fudge sundae, Oreo McFlurry, and cinnamon roll.

The restaurant’s official website does not appear to show which locations have the pie. Therefore, you’ll simply have to try your luck next time you visit your local McDonalds.

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