Blueface's Recent Attempted Murder Arrest Reportedly Stemmed From Bad Joke

Exclusive: Blueface Breaks Down What Goes Down At Blueface Girls Club & Viral Video of Females Getting Tatted

Blueface may have gotten his Instagram banned, but he is living his best life. Best known for his viral smash hit “Thotiana,” which saw an explosive remix from Cardi B and YG, the West Coast rapper has since catapulted to the forefront of the rap game. And beyond the music, it’s his unpredictable, zero-fucks-given personality that fans can’t get enough of. 

You may have recently seen the viral video of Blueface with a bunch of females in bunk beds, all getting some form of Blueface tatted on their bodies. The video actually stems from his current show on OnlyFans called Blueface Girl Club, where he handpicks females from all around the world to come live in his house for 3 weeks straight. On day 21, the girls get tatted…which is actually at their request.

Blueface recently released “BGC” featuring friend and collaborator DDG, which follows the success of their previous collaboration on “Moonwalking In Calabasas.”

Baller Alert caught up with Blueface at his studio in North Hollywood, California, to discuss how BGC got started, his presence on OnlyFans, the viral video of girls getting tattooed, learning how to not give a fuck, and more!


How was the pandemic for you?

I’ve been filming the whole time, shooting my BGC show. BGC, BGC!

How’s your journey been with OnlyFans?

I had to get on there, but I didn’t want to show my dick. 

You’re on OnlyFans and you don’t show your dick?

Yeah, that’s the best part about it. I put the show on there, so I don’t have to show my dick because I got something that you want to watch.

Do they pay you for the show?

No, I get tons of subscribers because people like fucking drama. 

How much do you charge?


How much do you make a month?

I won’t disclose that. But just know, it’s worth it. Obviously, it takes some money to get it, so it’s worth it. 

How did the idea for Blueface Girls Club come about?

I was shooting a music video for “Vibes,” remember that time? I had girls fighting in the house in my music video, strippers. It’s going up! That inspired the idea. Not the fighting part, but the litness of having a lot of different energies, auras, and vibes — and vlogging it. It’s lit!

Is it something new every day? What’s the vibe?

It’s everyday, for 3 weeks at a time. This my second time, we just finished filming. I prolonged the episodes a little bit so it can last longer. Last season I was everyday vlogging it, dropping an episode every day. It was cool, I got a quick hit for the first month. Obviously, the subscribers stop, so you want to keep the monthly fee going. It’s worth it though, it’s only a one-time fee a month.

$50 every month adds up!

If you can’t afford $50 a month, you shouldn’t even be watching the show. You should be trying to figure out how to make $50.


Was it a lit night here recording “BGC” with DDG?

No, that was something he did at a separate time, I did at a separate time. The video was at the house with all my BGC girls, so it cross-promotes itself. It works out. 

I saw you say somewhere you give these girls an opportunity to promote themselves and their brand, which is hella dope. What makes you want to help them?

Exactly. [sighs] Sometimes, I have a lot of free time on my hands. Since Corona, I’ve been thinking of crazy ideas for me to benefit, and everybody to benefit without it being a whole fucking legal deal. After the “Vibes” video, I always kept it in the back of my head: damn, I want to relive that day. [laughs] I want to relive this shit! 

And you made it happen, just like that.

Yeah, I said, “alright, I want to be on OnlyFans because there’s money on there.” I’m lit already. All I do is I pick all girls from all different states. Some of them are because of how they look, some of them it’s not at all because of how they look. Some of it’s personality. That’s why people say “why do they look like this?” This is not a dating show. I’m not involved with them.

These girls are in love with you…

Obviously, because I’m sheltering them and giving them a weird opportunity that nobody’s ever given them before for the fuck of it. Obviously, they grow some attachment to me. We damn near living with each other at this point.

But you go home at the end of the night?

Yeah, I go home at the end of the night. For 3 weeks straight, you’re living with Blueface. How many of them do you think are going to be attracted to me or interested? The way I carry myself and talk to him. I’m real direct with them, that’s where the confusion gets. I don’t speak out on it because I don’t have to. I don’t go out and try to do too much unless they push me in the corner. 

Who’s they?

Social media, fucking bloggers and shit. 

Do you care about that shit?

Not really. At this point, I’m like a villain. Superman and Lex Luthor got paid the same amount at the end of the movie, I feel like I’m that guy in the movie. I’ll be the Joker. All the other artists can be Spider-Man and shit. 

What’s up with that video that went viral of girls tatting your name on them? 

That’s a part of the show. On day 21, everyone gets tatted. I got it right here. [shows arm tat] 

Day 21? That’s the last day of the 3 weeks!

Yeah exactly. On day 21, we all get tatted. It’s a part of it. For them, that’s their goal. At least for this season. The first season, it just came about. “Oh, we want to get tattooed!” I’m like alright. They made it a tradition so this season, oh you already know. You seen the episode last season, so they know. They literally sign up to be there, to follow through. 

You be falling for any of them?

Not fall for them, but of course, some of them have more potential than others. I don’t personally involve myself with them. But some of them I notice: okay, she might qualify as a Blueface bitch. Not a Blue Girl, a Blue Club Girl is different. Definitely, big shoes to fill. 

What’s the criteria?

To be my bitch? My criteria, I like nice teeth. Nice little booty, nice little something. It could be a petite with a little… you know? It don’t gotta be a dump truck, long as it’s got sex appeal. They gotta know how to listen. 2021, a lot of bitches don’t listen. I can’t deal with no bitch that can’t listen. 

What don’t they be listening about?

What I’m telling them and the internet. I be telling a bitch: “yup, this what’s going on. This, that.” But somebody will DM her something else, she’ll say “you’re lying, they’re telling the truth!” What the fuck? You know how the internet is, you’ll never fucking win. The internet fucks up all my relationships. Because I’m a villain, what the fuck? Who’s gonna believe the villain?

That’s hard.

Yeah, my life is pretty hard.

What do you do to cope?

Just gotta not give a fuck, literally. [laughs] The best thing you can do in your whole entire life is not give a fuck. 

Talk about doing a whole collab project with DDG.

We working on something right now, probably 7 or 8 songs in. 

Kim told me you got a single with Calboy coming out?

Yeah, that’s my guy. Shout out 147. We made the song a while ago, we recently shot the video. Shit’s as hard as a bitch.

Do you miss Instagram? Are you back on Instagram?

You know, I got that account. Somehow I still be on there, on all them types of weirdo pages talking shit. How am I still the villain and I ain’t do nothing bad?

Is your old one gone for good?

I don’t think so. It’s suspended for maybe a year, we’ll see.

So you’re on OnlyFans instead?

I was on OnlyFans with my last Instagram. It was a lot better because I had a lot more viewers and subscribers.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Skinny n*gga, but my dick fat. [laughs]


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