Blueface Thinks Drake is Infatuated With Him [Video]

Blueface Thinks Drake is Infatuated With Him [Video]

Last week, Blueface accused Drake of being infatuated with him, and that’s why the Canadian rapper follows Chrisean Rock on social media.

During an interview with the No Jumper’s Sharp Tank podcast, Blueface claimed that Drake only followed Chrisean because he once admired him.

“I took it like he’s following me,” he stated in the video.  “Me and him have a past where he was a fan of me at one point in time.  And so, my offspring, obviously, he’s gonna… it’s just kind of an infatuation with me through her.”

Drake’s name came up during the interview when Sharp Tank host Gina Views asked Blueface about sliding into DM’s.

According to Blueface, he’s caught other rappers sliding into Chrisean’s DMs, but he doesn’t get mad at them.  Instead, he claims he holds her accountable.

“I don’t ever get mad at them.  I get mad at her,” he explained.  “I would do the same thing.  There’s plenty of…rappers I did songs with, I met with the bitch, and then they bitch [try to holler at me].”

“I’m never mad at the rapper.  I name them, they homies.  I don’t give a fuck about them,” he continued.  “But her [Chrisean], I’m gonna hold her in court like, ‘What was the response?’ ‘What was the delay?’ ‘What was, how many minutes?’ ‘Did you accept?’ Did you decline?'”

In November 2019, Blueface reportedly received a DM from Drake praising his songs “Next Big Thing” and “Dead Locs” and saying he was ready to go into the studio with him and “cook” something up.

Unfortunately, the two rappers have yet to get a chance to “cook” something up in the studio.



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