Former American Idol Sheds Tears After Popeyes Employee Describes Him As "The White Boy"

Former American Idol Sheds Tears After Popeyes Employee Describes Him As “The White Boy”

Former American Idol contestant, Bo Bice, was driven to tears after an employee at a Popeyes in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport made a “racial comment.”


According to Bo Bice, he was at the Popeyes waiting on his food when a handful of African American employees began making fun of his name, calling him “Bow-Bow,” “Boo-Boo,” and “Bo-Bo.” He then says that after calling his name again, one of the women behind the counter said to another employee, “he’s already got his…that white boy over there.”


Bice says that he wanted an apology but didn’t get it from corporate, so he took to his Facebook page to vent. “If the tables had been turned and I, as a white male, treated any person of ethnicity any way resembling how she spoke to and treated me, I’d be considered insensitive and racist,” Bice wrote on his page.  “I would be boycotted, there would be people not buying my albums, there would be people picketing at my shows and everything else,” he told Fox 5.


Mack II Inc, who owns that particular Popeyes franchise, released a statement saying, “The company does not condone the behavior of one of our associates and we took corrective action as soon as we were made aware of the incident.”


Reportedly the employee was suspended.


Bice began to cry as he expressed how upset he was over having to take it this far. “The fact that I have to come on TV and look like a petty little brat by tweeting and Facebooking this just to open up dialogue so we can have an adult conversation, is ridiculous. America, you should be ashamed!”


Check out the video. What are your thoughts? Is Bo Bice oppressed? Was he discriminated against? Did he at least get his chicken?

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