Bobby Lytes Slams MUA Jeffree Star for Using Black Men For Sex and Being a Racist

Whew Chileee, It looks like last night LHHMIA star Bobby Lytes took to Twitter to get some things off his chest about MUA Jeffree Starr.

Lytes went to the social media platform to express his frustrations with Starr, saying that he only wants to use Black men for sex.

In the first tweet he says “Ok lol let me just call this bitch out. I mean the cunt blocked me so this should go unnoticed, right? Anyways remember how during slavery how the “masters” would still fuck the black women, or men?! Well that’s exactly what this whore is doing with our men, using them for sex!”

Moments later he tweeted, “Jeffrey Starr we will never forget all those disgusting and racist slurs you have spoken. You are to me possibly one of the most despicable gays I’ve ever seen! All the money, makeup and BBC can’t wash all that wh*te supr***cy away!!! Now…. Sashay away!!!”

Now, we don’t know what caused this rant from Lytes but hopefully, we will get an update from one of the two.

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