Bobby Shmurda Says “Hell Motherf*ckin’ No” To Working With Tekashi69 Again

DJ Vlad aired the first part of Bobby Shmurda’s phone interview earlier this week. During the phone call, Vlad asked Shmurda about his song with 6ix9ine and questioned whether or not he would collaborate with him again. His answer held no punches.

“Hell motherf*cking no,” Bobby said. The New Yorker briefly spoke about his “STOOPID” collaboration with the rapper but noted that he wouldn’t even entertain the idea of working with Tekashi again. In fact, Shmurda scoffed at the rainbow-haired rapper’s “snitching” lifestyle and went on to say that 69 isn’t really living what he’s talking about, as he referred to the rapper as an “entertainer.”

Elsewhere in the full interview, Shmurda also talked rumors and taking on more prison time to reduce time served for Rowdy Rebel. Bobby Shmurda is expected to be released from prison next year.

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