Bobby V Denies Knowing Woman Was Trans; Says He's Being Extorted

Bobby V Denies Knowing Woman Was Trans; Says He’s Being Extorted

Over the weekend, singer Bobby V was accused of soliciting a transgender escort off of Backpage, but refused to pay for the services rendered. In a video that has since gone viral, the trans woman is seen calling out Bobby V for not paying her, while the singer sprints out of the room half naked.


Other than turning the comments off on Instagram, and posting a caption saying that he’s happy, the singer has remained pretty mum about the situation. Now, according to TMZ, he has offered up a bit of explanation.


First and foremost, Bobby V denies that the person he hooked up with was a prostitute. In fact, he says he is being extorted by the person who caught him on video. A rep for Bobby V says, “Misrepresentation and deception were maliciously used to target Valentino; during the encounter, Valentino was victimized and threatened by acts of extortion which continued after his departure was captured on video.”


Bobby doesn’t mention how he knows this person, or where he knows this person from, but says he became a victim once the person realized who he was.


As for the person being transgender, Bobby V says he had no idea.

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