Bomani Jones Gives His Take on NFL Celebrating Damar Hamlin's Return: "He’s Become a Mascot of Sorts..."
Bomani Jones and Damar Hamlin

Bomani Jones Gives His Take on NFL Celebrating Damar Hamlin’s Return: “He’s Become a Mascot of Sorts…” [Video]

Is the NFL facing an issue where real-life incidents are sensationalized for online engagement? Bomani Jones seems to think so.

Damar Hamlin returned to Cincinnati last Sunday, where he traumatically collapsed in January after suffering cardiac arrest midgame.

The 25-year-old’s life was saved by an active medical team that helped him gain consciousness, allowing him to recover and eventually get back on the field for Buffalo this season. During his trip, the Bills safety took time to express his gratitude to the dedicated UC Medical Staff members who played a pivotal role in his recovery.

Though it’s heartwarming to see Hamlin embrace those who helped him continue to do what he loves, Jones contends that the NFL has attempted to transform a harrowing incident into an inspirational narrative. 

“I do recognize that the role of sport in society is value promotion and all of these things. But now that everything has to be made into a television show, the NFL has to stand in every way for all that’s good,” Jones said. 

“And what they’re trying to do is turn what happened with Damar Hamlin into a story of inspiration.

“There is nothing inspiring about what happened. He’s become a mascot of sorts, and I don’t know just how much football had to do with what happened.” 

Baller fam, check out Jones’ diagnosis of the situation below and let us know your thoughts.


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