Bomani Jones Schools Will Cain On His Own ESPN Talk Show Over Comments On Bubba Wallace

Imagine getting read on your own radio show, Will Cain knows all about it.

For the past five years, Cain has used his time at ESPN to voice his conservative views. He recently appeared on First Take to, once again, use the outlet to showcase his controversial opinions and remarks to criticize NASCAR’s response to the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage, the only Black NASCAR driver.

Cain disagreed with NASCAR’s rush to judgment and public statement regarding the noose before it could adequately be investigated, saying it showed their “motivations were other than being truthful.” Since the FBI’s investigation concluded there was no intentional racist act against Wallace, he said it “undercut[s] improvement in racial relations” because people were rushed to believe a racial incident took place in NASCAR’s community.

“We are going to take a step back because we have sowed distrust, we have sowed division, and it will come back as a backlash on NASCAR and unfortunately, on Bubba Wallace as well,” he added.

Before the show, Cain ranted on Twitter, claiming “NASCAR didn’t care about the truth,” explaining that he believed they “deserve a massive indictment.”

But, during Wednesday’s episode of The Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio, Jones called in to school Cain about his comments, in which he claimed the Wallace situation was an impediment to race relations.

“The issue is really, the impediment to racism is white people not treating black people as being of equal levels of humanity,” Jones said. “Like, that’s the answer for all of the time. The reason I wanted to call in, it’s very important to note this, especially considering the power dynamics. Me viewing you, for example, through the lens of just being a part of a group and not an individual, doesn’t have any negative effect on your life. You viewing others the other way actually does have a negative effect on their life. It’s not the same thing. We can’t do the both sides, and human beings are judged like this because there’s has been a level of subjection to people in this country that is uncommon and is not something that we can look at across all the world and… describe all this necessarily as tribalism.”

Jones continued, “The problem I have is when you say that what happened with Bubba Wallace is going to be an impediment to race relations. Nah, man, those people rolling on Speedway Boulevard before that race with those flags flying, those are an impediment to race relations. The person that had a flag had a thing that said ‘defund NASCAR’ on Sunday over the track, that’s an impediment to race relations. […] Those are far bigger impediments.”

The heated 13-minute debate garnered social media’s attention, and many praised Jones’ analysis and effective countering when Cain attempted to defend his stance.

Notably, Jones said he was not out to get Cain and thanked him for allowing him to call in with an opposing view.

Wednesday was Cain’s last day with ESPN; he will return to Fox News, where is views and comments may be more accepted. His last day was surely a memorable day.

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