Boosie Facing Two Felony Drug Charges From April Arrest In Georgia

Boosie Bad Azz is reportedly facing two felony charges from an April drug bust in Coweta County, Georgia.

The local district attorney has charged Boosie with one count of possessing less than an ounce of marijuana and one count of possessing a controlled substance.

Boosie was arrested April 8 during a traffic stop in Newnan, Georgia, after his car allegedly swerved lanes and almost hit another vehicle. Upon search of his vehicle, police found marijuana, a handgun, and more than $20,000 cash.

Prosecutors decided not to charge Boosie with gun possession for unknown reasons.

The rapper’s bodyguard, who was in the vehicle with him at the time, is facing the same pair of drug charges. If convicted, both men could serve at least a year but the exact sentence will be depend on how much weed was in the car.

Boosie Ordered To Pay
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