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Mother Accused of Theft Attempts to Frame Her Own Child
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Boston Bus Driver Arrested, Charged After Allegedly Eating THC-Infused Gummies And Passing Out Behind The Wheel

A Boston man was arrested and charged after passing out behind the wheel from THC gummies while transporting 38 people as a bus driver.

A commercial bus driver named Jinhuan Chen is now facing 38 counts of first-degree reckless endangerment after he allegedly passed out after gobbling down some THC gummies while transporting 38 people.

The incident took place three months ago when police were called to the side of I-95 in Stanford, Connecticut. When police arrived at the scene at around 3 p.m., Chen was knocked out unconscious. Before passing out, Chen reportedly had something to eat, according to one of the passengers. As he was getting closer to losing consciousness, he pulled over to the side of the road.

Police ended up finding a bag of Smokes Edibles Cannabis-Infused Fruit Chews next to Chen. No one was injured, and bus riders opted for a ride-share way to get home after the police came.

After being taken to a hospital, THC was found in his bloodstream, Complex Media reports. Chen said he didn’t know the gummies had weed in them. He’s now being held on a $25,000, and he’s set to head to court on Aug. 25.

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