Bow Wow Wishes He 'Never Touched Music'

Bow Wow Wishes He ‘Never Touched Music’

Bow Wow is fessing up to some regrets in his early career. The rapper revealed he wishes he would’ve done acting and never entered the music business during Twitter Q & A.

The rapper has clarified his highs and lows in the music industry. He is releasing his last studio album as an artist and then retiring. 

At six years old, the child star got his start in the industry, formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow. Though Snoop Dogg took him under his wing at a young age, sources claimed he was broke in 2012. In fact, the artist was trending on Twitter this week because users claimed they could not name three songs by Bow Wow. 

Though forgetting notable classics like “Shortie Like Mine,” “Basketball,” and “Let Me Hold You,” it’s no secret that the rapper believes his music career fell short. Instead, he wishes he stuck to acting since he did have multiple cult classics. Like MikeRoll Bounce, and Johnson Family Vacation are just some movies on his impressive resume. 

Bow Wow has had multiple meltdowns during the Millennium Tour and has threatened to leave the show amid drama with other show performers. He said, “I’ve had enough,” in a Twitter rant back in October. He says there was too much “complaining.” 

No word on what could be next for the talented artist after his last studio album.

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