Bow Wow Wrecked The Set of “Growing Up Hip-Hop” Over a Phone Call From His Girlfriend

Late last month, BowWow flew off the handle on the set of VH1’s “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

According to TMZ, the incident occurred during a party scene for Da Brat at the Westside Cultural Arts Center, when the rapper just snapped. The production crew said Bow Wow attacked the camera crew and wrecked equipment worth thousands of dollars. 

At the time, the reason for the rapper’s rage was unclear, but now, TMZ reports everything erupted over a phone call.

According to the publication, sources say Bow’s girlfriend called to vent about an argument she had with a member of the show’s crew. She also told him he was being set up by crew members to start fights with people on set. 

After the phone call, the rapper flew into a destructive rage, racking up nearly $300k in damage. Sources tell the publication Bow’s been benched until further notice, but since then, the rapper has taken to Instagram to set the record straight, once and for all. 

“Truth-One of our staff members kept trying to get me to do this scene with brat. I got tired of waiting (which was fine brat had a lot of folks to hug and so on….)and wanted to walk kiyomi to her car,” he said. “I was told I couldn’t walk her! The f*ck u mean she mine! Ima make sure she safe. I get outside and she gone.” 

As he continued, Bow explained his girlfriend received false information, which prompted his outburst. He went on to demand respect as the show’s executive producer and encouraged the crew to talk to his team to “speak or get” to him. 



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