Brandon Jennings Clears The Air On Relationship With Teyana Taylor

Someone wants you to know that Teyana Taylor and Brandon Jennings broke up back in 2011 and that’s that.  Earlier today, Jennings felt the need to clear the air via Twitter letting everyone know that he’s been single for 3 years now and none of his past relationships were real. “Let me clear the air I’ve been Single since i was 21yrs old. This is my first public “Real” relationship,” 24 year old Jennings tweeted, “I’m finally happy, she’s helping me grow. What more can I ask for?”

Brandon Jennings and Teyana Taylor reportedly dated back in 2010/2011. They were rumored to have been engaged, although neither party ever confirmed or denied. It was said that the two broke up because Teyana was a virgin and refused to put out. Other rumors were that he went back to his ex Angela Simmons. In early 2013 there were subtle rumors that the couple were together again, but other than subliminal posts to Twitter/Instagram, nothing was confirmed 

Either way, according to his tweets, he didn’t quite consider those past relationships to be “real”.

It looks like the only person who has yet to speak on this is Teyana.


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