Washington Wizards' Brandon Jennings and John Wall Say Warriors Were "Disrespectful" in Sunday's 139-115 Victory

Washington Wizards’ Brandon Jennings and John Wall Say Warriors Were “Disrespectful” in Sunday’s 139-115 Victory

Washington Wizards guards Brandon Jennings and John Wall felt a way after their blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors on Sunday.

Jennings spoke to reporters after the team’s double-digit defeat to defend his flagrant foul on JaVale McGee, adding that it could have been worse, as he felt Warriors were “disrespectful.”

“It was very disrespectful,” Jennings said of McGee’s three-pointer in the final 6.9 seconds of the game. “Thank God he didn’t go to the rack; it probably would have been worse for him. But any time like that, I think you should let (the) clock run out. I think it was already disrespectful that they were trying to get Draymond a triple-double, Steph was out there with 40. So, I just felt it was disrespectful.”

He added, “I’m old school. Like I said, he better be glad he shot that three and didn’t go to the basket.”

According to Bleacher Report, Jennings’ teammate, John Wall,  co-signed his statement after the California team left their superstar ballers in the game late in the fourth quarter. Green drained a triple with 34 seconds left in the game, while Curry closed the game with 42, after another five points in the final three minutes.

“Yep, totally agree,” Wall said of Jennings’ thoughts of the Warriors. “Whenever a team is up like that, supposedly, you just hold the ball and take a shot-clock violation. So, what Brandon did, I don’t think it was dirty. I think it was the right play. You don’t let nobody try to embarrass you, and I think that’s what they were trying to do.”

Even the Warriors’ coach #SteveKerr found issue with McGee’s decision to go for a three and reportedly apologized to the Wizards’ coach for it.

“I think JaVale should not have taken that three. When you have a lead like that, you shouldn’t be shooting three-pointers. I told him that. I think he understands that.” Kerr said.

“I don’t have a problem taking a shot when there is a shot-clock differential. I never understood why a team would be offended if there is a shot-clock deferential. We dribble out the clock and take a turnover? I don’t think you should shoot a three, either. I guess that’s what Jennings was upset about. I was uncomfortable with the way it ended.” #ballerificsports

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