Brandy Blames Fans For ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Rivalry With Monica: ‘The Fanbases And The Media Really Threw A Wrench In That Experience’

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R&B singer Brandy Norwood addressed the ’90s feud with Monica Brown, in a new interview. Before they worked together, there were already speculations that there was animosity between the two, but rumors increased when they recorded a duet together.

In 1998, the two singers released the grammy-winning song “The Boy Is Mine.” The song’s lyrics told the story of a dispute between two women over a man.

Producer Dallas Austin told Vlad TV, in an old interview, that the two artists recorded the single separately and had little interaction with one another during the filming of the video.

In 2016, E! Online reported that Monica confessed to getting into a physical altercation with Brandy “many years ago.”

But now, according to The Guardian, Brandy insists that their fanbases are to blame for the feud, adding that she did not find the situation funny.

” We didn’t really get a chance to experience what we could have with ‘The Boy Is Mine,’ Brandy said. “The fanbases and the media really threw a wrench in that experience.”

The popular single signaled Brandy’s transition into adulthood. Before the song’s release, the” Have You Ever” singer had a successful teenage career in the Hollywood spotlight.

Brandy went from sneaking backstage at her idol’s, Whitney Houston, concert at the age of 14 to later being signed to Atlantic Records that same year in 1993.

The teen also became the star of the sitcom Moesha, a show that highlighted the life of a Black middle-class family.

Brandy then lived out her dream when she was chosen by Houston to play the role of Cinderella in the 1997 remake film.

“It’s just something that’s still surreal to this day.”

Although Brandy had a very successful career in her prime, she acknowledged her mistakes and encouraged artists to stay focused on the music and not lose themselves.

“Sometimes you get caught up in being popular and relevant, and that makes you lose the reason why you’re connected to music,” she said. “I’m scared of that. I don’t ever want to get to a point where I’m doing music for the wrong reasons.”

The singer will be releasing her first album in eight years, titled B7, on July 31.

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