Breast Cancer Survivor and Bodybuilder Wins First Competition After Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Survivor and Bodybuilder Wins First Competition After Cancer Treatment

Bodybuilder and breast cancer survivor Erica Langley sat down with Good Morning America Monday to share her journey.

Langley was training for her first bodybuilding competition in 2018 when she discovered a peach pit-sized lump in her breast. At first, she thought she pulled a muscle while weightlifting. 

The aspiring bodybuilder was later diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent 20 weeks of chemotherapy treatment and a double mastectomy. 

“I was scared,” she said during her appearance. “And that’s when I really depended on the support of my family and close friends because just emotionally, I was a wreck.”

Then, in November 2020, Langley decided to begin training in the gym again. 

After six months of training, she entered into two bodybuilding competitions. She took home 1st place in one of the categories.

“I can accept, you know, giving something my all and not quite accomplishing what I set out to do,” she said, “but I can’t accept not trying.” 

Langley credits her doctors at the University of Chicago, her family, and her faith for getting her through. She understands that having a solid support system helped her tremendously. 

She hoped that by telling her story, others would be encouraged to get screened for cancer. 

“Don’t be naive,” Langley cautioned. “Prior to this, I was working out, I didn’t abuse my body, I didn’t drink excessively or do drugs. It can happen to anyone.”

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