“Breonna’s Law” Author Arrested At Louisville, Ky Protest

Louisville, Kentucky police officers arrested a state lawmaker during protests in response to the state’s decision not to charge the three white police officers who killed Breonna Taylor.

But it wasn’t just any lawmaker; it was Democrat Representative Attica Scott, the woman who introduced the “Breonna’s Law,” which was drafted to place a ban on “no-knock” warrants.

According to Business Insider, Scott was arrested and charged with first-degree rioting, as well as failure to disperse ahead of the city’s 9 PM curfew that is in effect through the weekend. Local organizer of The Bail Project, Shameka Parrish-Wright, was also arrested, local TV station WDRB reported.

Several other individuals were also arrested while trying to seek shelter at the First Unitarian Church that’s located in the downtown area of Louisville. The church opened its doors as a sanctuary to protesters who are still demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, the black 26-year-old former EMT who was shot and killed by police on March 13, during a drug-related raid.

Thursday night was the second consecutive night of protests for Taylor. Outrage over Republican Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s announcement on Wednesday caused widespread outrage extending far beyond the state of Kentucky.

Former officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment after an investigation revealed he blindly fired shots into Taylor’s apartment that night, with some bullets going into a neighbor’s apartment.

Many have voiced their anger on social media over Taylor’s $12 million settlement for wrongful death, yet no one was charged with wrongful death. Furthermore, they say the decision to charge Hankison with wanton endangerment is simply charging him for the bullets that missed Taylor, considering the fact that his fellow officers, who also fired shots, were not charged with anything in connection to her death.

The injustice among Black people in America is evident once again, as the death of Taylor—a black female, has proven how valuable a Black life is to some people in America.

Protests in Louisville

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