Briana Camille Seeks Immediate Child Support After DNA Test Proves Rick Ross Is The Father of Her Children

In the case of  Briana Camille’s two small children: Rick Ross…….., you are the father.

New court documents obtained by BOSSIP have confirmed Ross is more than 99 percent likely to be the father of Camille’s two children, Berkley and Billion. Ross and Camille were once in a relationship and previously lived together with their children. Camille is currently pregnant with a third child allegedly from Ross.

The announcement comes amid the former couple’s child support and paternity battle, in which Camille is requesting immediate temporary child support for the two kids. Camille claims Ross has neglected the children financially, and kicked them out of his house last year, according to court documents obtained by BOSSIP. The mother states that Ross hasn’t paid child support since February 2020 and has only paid for daycare because there was never a DNA test confirming he was the children’s father. She also says he didn’t contribute to her prenatal care or the children’s medical bills.

Camille filed the lawsuit against Ross earlier this year, but Ross initially asked a judge to drop the case, claiming he was not served properly. His lawyer said he received service earlier this month, according to BOSSIP. The results of the paternity test reached Ross on May 14, 2020, but no child support plans have been made yet. BOSSIP reports that Camille says she is a military veteran who hasn’t worked in four years due to being discharged over a medical condition.

The mother says her money goes towards rent, medical bills, and other items the children need; she is looking to have Ross pay her back for some of the money she has spent on the children recently. In response to finding out that the children are, in fact, his, Ross called out Camille online, calling her a “fat girl.” He expressed his happiness with Camille taking the DNA test after he originally asked her to participate in one earlier this year. However, Camille said she did not want to Ross’ team to conduct the test out of fear that he might tamper with the results.

Rick Ross vs Briana

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