Brianna Hill Is The Fourth Transgender Woman Killed In Kansas City This Year

Another transgender woman has been killed in Kansas City, Missouri.

Brianna “BB” Hill, 30, is the fourth transgender woman to be murdered this year in Kansas City. A man is currently in custody over the fatal shooting, as he reportedly waited until the police showed up to the scene after he shot her. KCTV 5 reports the victim was shot at around 11:30 a.m. on Monday near 43rd Street and Hardesty Avenue in eastern Kansas City and died by the time officers arrived.

A witness named George Cherry, who lives on Hardesty Avenue, was reportedly home when the shooting happened. “I didn’t hear anything. I was just watching TV when I got a knock on the door from the detectives,” Cherry recalled. Cherry didn’t hear about the murder until Wednesday when he was being interviewed. “I’m actually part of the LGBTQ community, but I didn’t know that it was a transgender that was murdered, but that actually hits more home to me,” Cherry said.

Cherry said he is saddened by the violence acted out against the LGBTQ community. “That’s part of my family because we are out here, we are trying to survive, and people take action against us, nationwide,” Cherry explained. “They are human beings. Quit the violence. This shouldn’t be happening to the LGBTQ community; it hurts our families and our community.”

Police Capt. Tim Hernandez said the alleged shooter remained at the scene, and police are not looking for more suspects. KCTV 5 reports investigators are looking into a motive for the shooting. Hill’s death was the fourth fatal shooting in the Kansas City area since Saturday. The city has recorded 118 homicides this year, according to the news station.

Rest in peace, #BriannaHill #BBHill!

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