Bride And Wedding Guest Marry After Groom Runs Away

In India, who a person chooses to marry is a reflection of their social status and honor. A wedding in Karnataka had an interesting outcome when a groom decided that he didn’t want to get married.

Ashok and Naveen, two brothers, held a joint ceremony to marry their brides. Sindhu and Naveen were set to get married on January 3, but at a pre-wedding ceremony, things took a turn in a different direction. According to India Times, Naveen’s girlfriend threatened to kill herself at the wedding if he went through with it. Naveen abandoned Sindhu, leaving the bride in tears.

Chandrappa, a BMTC conductor, was watching as the event unfolded. Chandrappa decided that he would step in and marry the bride if both of their families agreed. Both families agreed, and the two married on the same day.

This isn’t the first bizarre wedding story from India. In 2015 in Uttar Pradesh, an angry bride decided to marry a guest at her brother-in-law’s wedding after discovering that the man she was going to marry had epilepsy.

In November, a woman who had lost her job because of COVID-19 decided to marry three men within three months. After marrying them, she ran away with their money and valuables.

What would you do if the man or woman you were set to marry disappeared before the wedding?

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