Parental Control: Britney Spears’ Documentary Reveals Her Father Monitored Her Calls and Text Messages

Toxic parental control! There are now new claims of Jamie Spears even going as far as monitoring Britney’s phone calls, texts and even listened to the singer’s most private moments in her bedroom.

During the Friday premiere of “Controlling Britney Spears,” Alex Vlasov, a former security employee, made claims about Britney’s father, alleging that he used surveillance equipment to keep Britney under watch. Alex stated Britney wanted an iPhone, but it became a big deal. Vlasov says when asked by his boss, did he know any iPhone monitoring apps like parental control, he became confused by the question.

Alex inquired about the “legality” of the entire situation. However, Vlasov mentioned his then-boss assured him that everyone, including Britney, her lawyer, and the courts knew about the monitoring.

Britney’s management team then came up with the idea to login onto an iPad using the same iCloud account that Britney would use. Doing this will allow her team to mirror all of her text messages, phone calls, FaceTime calls, browser history, and photographs, as well as giving them full access to also listen to the conversations Britney would have with her friends. The team claimed the strict watch was to protect the singer from “bad influences and potential illegal activity.”

The most interesting piece of this is that the state of California, where Britney lives, has a law that states mirroring messages without the consent of both parties is a law violation. However, it remains unclear if the courts knew about or had approved the mirroring of the singer’s text messages. Jamie Spears’ lawyer has made a statement stating that the “actions were done with the knowledge and consent of Britney, her court-appointed attorney and/or the court.” Meanwhile, Britney’s management team at Tri-Sport & Entertainment Group says the allegations are “false.”

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