LHHNY Star Brittney Taylor Says Childs' Father Abused Her for Years Following Reports That She Was Arrested for Beating Him With a Baseball Bat
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Brittney Taylor Is ‘Calling On Witnesses Who Saw’ Alleged Remy Ma Beatdown

Brittney Taylor‘s lawsuit against Remy Ma seems to be making serious traction.

The former “Love and Hip Hop: New York” cast member has been very open in claiming Remy Ma was the reason behind her black eye. Now, according to The New York Daily News, she’s looking for witnesses to speak on the incident for the prosecution. Her lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, has updated followers saying, “Brittney Taylor is cooperating fully with the NYPD criminal probe. We are calling on any witnesses who saw what happened or have video of what happened to come forward.”

Taylor claims the “brawl” happened backstage at a Fat Joe-hosted fundraiser. Supposedly, there was a misunderstanding between Dej (Remy’s stepdaughter) and Brittany. The rapping mama bear, who doesn’t play about her cubs, allegedly took action and punched her former cast member in the eye. 

Posting about the encounter wasn’t enough for Taylor. She quickly took action to grab a lawyer and take the matter to court. “I just don’t feel like it’s okay for people to put their hands on someone that’s not being malicious to them, that’s being genuine,” she said of the incident.

Ma has smartly stayed cute and mute about the whole ordeal. Instead, she’s been showering social media with sweet pictures of her husband, Pappoose, and newborn daughter, Reminisce.

Brittany Taylor vs Remy ma
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  1. But did you notice in one of Remy’s recent posts on IG she’s sporting a monitoring bracelet on her leg

  2. This is all alleged until Brittney come up with some proof. Providing Brittney was telling the truth, Remy has to show more self control. She has way too much to lose! Wish my sisters could be more supportive of each other instead of all this rachetivity!

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