Bronx Chef Collective “Ghetto Gastro” And Crux Collab With Williams Sonoma

When Bronx-born culinary collective “Ghetto Gastro” and NYC–based Crux introduced their collaboration with Williams Sonoma back in September, their chic all black-waffle iron with red trim sold out in 72 hours with 100 percent of the proceeds going to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

The collective of black chefs and food enthusiasts with deep ties to the Bronx are now preparing to serve up more sleek CRUXXGG designs infused with a generous helping of homegrown activism. This powerful combo that has inspired the support of a range of high profile celebrity clientele from supermodel Gigi Hadid to chef Samin Nosrat.

Chefs Jon Gray, Pierre Serrão and Lester Walker are the creative trio behind the “Ghetto Gastro” brand. The men joined forces back in 2012 to create a lane that transcends food, art, music, fashion and design. They use their platform and love of food to empower communities, fight racism and advance social justice. The brand also utilizes its Bronx roots as an inspiration and driver of global culture.

Now comes their new Crux collaboration which features six additional state of the art kitchen innovations that provide both high style and function.

The collection includes an 11-function Air Fryer combo. A super-powered blender with capacitive touch. A programmable coffee maker with a bright red warming plate. A convection-speed air frying toaster oven. A 15-function bread maker. A 2-slice toaster with extra-wide slots and will be sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma.

This creative collaboration between fashion designers, artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, and art-focused organizations is meant to spark larger conversations around inclusion, race, and economic empowerment.

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