Bronx Man’s Attempt To Kidnap Sleeping Woman On Train Caught On Camera, Later Beaten By Citizens

Police have arrested a man who was videotaped attempting to kidnap a woman who was sleeping on a Bronx train.

At around 2:30 a.m. on Monday, 48-year-old #SonnyAlloway was seen carrying an unsuspecting woman off a No. 6 train inside the Morrison Ave.-Soundview/Westchester Ave. Station. Cellphone footage captured the incident. In the video, you can see the man run and pick the woman up. The woman immediately wakes up and yells, “no,” and runs back into the train. The victim then tells what appears to be her partner, who also was asleep, what happened, and then points the man out. The video ends with the man walking away from the crowd of train riders. “If I had my gun, I would have f—ing killed you, n—-!” one man screamed as Alloway stood up and walked off.

But karma was waiting for Alloway, a few hours later at Rosedale and Randall Aves. A second video shows Alloway wearing a different jacket and being confronted by a group on the street. “You like raping little girls?” one man is heard screaming as they beat the man up. “You f—ing rapist!” At least three people were involved in the attack and are seen kicking, punching, and spitting in Alloway’s face. The man manages to break loose and seek refuge inside a nearby deli.

He was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital with minor bumps and bruises and was later arrested when police connected him to the train incident. Alloway was previously arrested for drug possession and assault. “First I lost my mom, now my pops is dead to me,” his embarrassed son Sonny Jr. posted on Facebook. “I’m so ashamed, embarrassed & mortified for the young lady that has had to experience this.”

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