Bronx Zoo's 'Name-A-Roach' Event Returns For 10th Year

Bronx Zoo’s ‘Name-A-Roach’ Event Returns For 10th Year

For the last decade, the Bronx Zoo has annually offered the opportunity to name a roach after a loved one — or maybe a not-so-loved one — for Valentine’s Day. This year is no exception. 

The Name-A-Roach event, now in its 10th year, offers up the opportunity to name a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for as low as $15. Additional packages are available, which all come with a certificate with the roach’s name, and another item, like a beanie or socks. For $75, you can purchase the works. The top-tier package comes with the certificate, beanie, socks, and a virtual experience with a roach and a “surprise animal guest.”

The zoo says the event is all in fun, and it the money raised goes to charity. The proceeds go toward the Wildlife Conservation Society to help wildlife worldwide. 

ABC7 reports that thousands of roaches have been named throughout the years. Some have been named after celebrities, political candidates, and other public figures.

The Madagascar Hissing Roach is the largest cockroach species in the world. They grow to be around four inches long. They are named after the hissing noise they make, which is a defense mechanism. Madagascar Hissing Roaches are not like your typical cockroach and are not considered pests.


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