Brooklyn Father Fatally Shot Easter Sunday Right After Telling His Daughter She Looked “Beautiful All The Time”

Right before being fatally shot, a Brooklyn father was telling his 5-year-old daughter she was beautiful on Easter Sunday.

At around 10 p.m., 26-year-old Jerome Spence was shot in his face, neck, and chest outside an apartment building on Sterling St. near Bedford Ave. in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, only a block away from where he lives with his family.

Minutes before being shot, Spence was having a pleasant conversation with his daughter Camille, according to Spence’s mother, Michelle Hutchinson.

“Why do you like that dress?” Spence asked his daughter, Camille, Hutchinson told police. “Because I feel beautiful when I put it on,” and Spence responded, “You’re not just beautiful when you put on the dress. You’re beautiful all the time.”



Shortly after, Spence spoke with his brother and then walked outside, moments later, he was shot. Struggling from his wounds, Spence dragged himself back inside the apartment building where police found him unconscious on the second-floor stairs.



Spence’s family has no idea who would have been after him. Police are investigating the incident. An NYPD spokesperson was unable to give a motive for the shooting on Monday night.

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