Brooklyn Woman Breaks Guinness World Record For Biggest Afro

A New York woman’s afro has officially been certified the biggest in the world by the Guinness World Records.

Simone Williams’ of Brooklyn dethroned New Orleans social worker Aevin Dugas of the title after she held onto it for eight years. Dugas naturally-grown fro measures  4-foot-4-inches in circumference. Williams’ hair measures in at 8.07 inches tall, 8.85 inches wide, and over 4-foot-10-inches in circumference, which took nine years to grow. 

“I Googled ‘world’s largest afro,’ and when she came up I was in awe,” Williams told Guinness of her admiration of Dugas, whose lavish coils inspired her to compete for the title. “At the time, I didn’t think my hair was anywhere close to hers, she was goals! But I was so happy to see that she was recognized and there was a chance for others to be recognized too.”

Williams was shocked when she got the news that her afro had broken the Guinness World Record.

“My mouth dropped, then my knees! I could not believe it! I opened the email to make sure it wasn’t a mistake. I took about 10 minutes to process [it]”

While Williams was accustomed to getting perms and having her hair straightened, frugality is what ultimately led her to giving natural hair a chance in her early twenties.

“I chose to transition [to natural hair] around the age of 23. It began because I wanted to save the money spent at the hair salon to help with the costs of moving into my first apartment,” she revealed. 

Now fully transitioned and a pro at maintaining her own hair, Williams says that she does not step foot in salons, despite her thick hair being a “task” to maintain. Instead, she sticks to Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist, Shea Moisture Coconut + Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Eco Style Olive Oil Gel to tame her hair. These products help her to achieve her “go-to styles,” which are “curly voluminous afro, a high puff or top bun.”

“I wash it once a week or every two weeks. It takes about six hours to dry since I normally do not use a blowdryer, to avoid heat damage” she explained to The Post.

While Williams says her routine works for her, it is important for others to remember that every hair texture will respond differently to products.

“Always be patient with your hair. It’s a process and every day is not going to be a perfect hair day. Research and learn what works best for your hair type.”

Simone Williams
Simone Williams


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