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BTS McDonald’s Meal Sauces & Packaging Reselling On eBay For Double The Price

Since McDonald’s launched its collaboration with BTS, the specialty packaging and sauces are reselling on eBay for double the price.


The collaboration was launched on May 26th with the South Korean pop stars. The BTS meal offers a nine or ten-piece nugget, medium french fries, a medium Coke, and new Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces. The medium meal costs a little over $9, while the large is about $12.29.

Many have been flocking to McDonald’s locations to obtain the BTS-themed fast-food packaging so they can resell paper bags, boxes, drink cups, and dipping sauces. TikTok users have been posting videos showing them preserving their packaging as collector items.

On eBay, resellers are making big money from the partnership. BTS Meal bags have been seen on sale for as much as $80, plus shipping. Another listing advertising a bag and both sauces are going for $200 on the site. One listing from Australia is auctioning the white, BTS-themed nugget box and both sauces for nearly $193. Two of each sauce were being advertised for $24.95.

In addition to the meal, McDonald’s and BTS also launched a merch line. That collection can be purchased on the Weverse Shop app. Fans can experience four weeks of digital content available exclusively on the McDonald’s app.


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