I’m Not Crying, You Are! Budweiser’s Dwyane Wade Tribute Shows Why The Baller Is “Bigger Than Basketball”

Although Dwyane Wade’s longstanding career in the NBA could end on Wednesday, his legacy extends far beyond the game of basketball. Not only has the Marquette alum solidified his career as one of the greatest shooting guards of all time – if not one of the greatest players of all time, but he’s also been equally effective off the court.

In fact, in a non-traditional tribute to Wade, ahead of his last regular-season game in his house, Budweiser presented the baller with five additional items to add to his jersey swap collection in an attempt to recognize his genuine heart. 

The ad featured five people, whose lives were impacted by Wade’s generosity. First, a man from a poor neighborhood in Miami expressed Wade’s impact and inspiration and handed over the blazer he wore to his first interview. Next, a woman, whose brother died in the Parkland shooting and was subsequently honored by Wade in a game, handed over her brother’s jersey. Another woman thanked Wade for his contribution to her full tuition scholarship and gifted him her cap and gown, while the fourth woman, who was grateful for the shopping spree after her house burned down, gifted a t-shirt. 

Finally, Wade’s mother, Jolinda, opened up about the time she spent in prison and how her son never left her side. Upon her release and sobriety, Wade bought Jolinda a church, which prompted her to hand over the very robe he purchased her. 

“Purple symbolizing royalty and you are royal and everybody’s life that you done touched,” Wade’s mother said. “I am more proud of the man you have become than the basketball player. You are bigger than basketball.”

Wade suits up for his final game in the American Airlines Area in Wade County tonight. 

Congratulations on a legendary career, Dwyane Wade!

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