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Burger King Eliminates 120 Artificial Ingredients From Its Menu

Burger King is ridding its menu of 120 artificial ingredients as part of the push to provide “real food.”

The transition to a healthier fast-food operator is part of their previous strategy to discontinue artificial dyes and chemicals in their meals. Last year, they turned stomachs everywhere when they unveiled an ad campaign that featured a time-lapse of a Whopper with mold growing on it. At that point, the restaurant chain had already discontinued using preservatives in European meals and their signature sandwich in U.S. markets. On Thursday, they announced that the long list of ingredients would no longer be included in any food, regardless of the market. Some of these banned products include Propionic acid, Anoxomer, and Sodium Diacetate, a fungicide and bactericide used to control mold and thus prevent spoilage.

Burger King’s North America chief marketing officer, Ellie Doty, stated that with changing “guests’ expectations,” the company is committed to providing “delicious food made with quality ingredients.”

To roll out their additive-free menu, Burger King introduces the Keep it Real Meals, featuring “Country Grammar” star Nelly. The rapper has created several custom meals, including his signature Cornell Haynes Jr. Meal, which features the all-natural made Whopper topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, and ketchup, that comes with small fries and a small Sprite. Beginning September 12th, this limited-edition celebrity dinner will be served at selected restaurants around the country.

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