Burger King Hit With Lawsuit For Allegedly Making Whoppers Smaller Then Advertised

Burger King Giving Its Original Chicken Sandwich a Mexican Twist Beginning In January

As the chicken sandwich continues to be an area of competition for fast food chains, Burger King is putting a new spin on its own years-old OG chicken sandwich.

Over the weekend, new information was leaked online confirming that BK was preparing to release its Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich. It will include all the key components of the Original Chicken Sandwich: breaded chicken patty, mayonnaise spread across the sesame buns, and lettuce. However, what makes the new variation unique is its spicy components, often used in signature Mexican dishes.

Fans will get a dash of heat with ghost pepper cheese and crispy jalapeños atop the sandwich. These new ingredients are also used on the chain’s popular Ghost Pepper Whopper, which joined menus exclusively for Halloween.

It’s no shocker that Burger King would want to spice up its chicken sandwich, considering that it’s been around since the 1970s with virtually no upgrades, unlike the famed Whopper, which can be enjoyed in several different ways. BK’s offering is also not brought up much in the chicken sandwich wars, which have held the entire fast food industry in a chokehold since the debut of the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich that shook that industry. Since then, KFC, Wingstop, Wendy’s, and others have worked overtime to perfect this dish and lure fans away from the competition.

The Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich will begin popping up on menus starting in January, though it does not appear to be a permanent decision just yet. Instead, it seems the food chain will start slow with a testing phase.

Either way, it’s long overdue.

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