Burger King Invests $400 Million Into Its Restaurants To Upgrade Stores And Boost Overall Sales

Burger King Invests $400 Million Into Its Restaurants To Upgrade Stores And Boost Overall Sales

Burger King is investing $400 million into its restaurants to revamp its brand.

On Friday, the fast food chain announced its plan to update stores and boost sales. The investment deal includes $250 million to revamp stores and update technology and kitchen equipment. $120 million will go to creating better advertising and $30 million to upgrade its app to offer smoother ordering and personalized deals.

The new move comes after the restaurant suffered from disappointing sales at its 7,058 U.S. locations. In 2019, Burger King sales rose by less than 2%, while McDonald’s increased by 5%.

To make things worse, Burger King sales plunged during the COVID-19 pandemic but rose by 5% in 2021. However, that still was low, seeing as though McDonald’s sales grew by 14% that same year.

The parent company for Burger King, Restaurant Brands International, recruited Domino’s longtime franchisee executive, Tom Curtis, to help lead the movement.

Curtis is now the president of Burger King’s North America region and has spent the last year visiting many of the chain’s 400 franchisees.

According to Curtis, the updates will depend on the specific needs of each location. Around 800 stores will see significant remodels. For example, some may accommodate two drive-thru lanes, while others may receive refreshed interiors.

“Every restaurant is a snowflake,” Curtis said. “We will determine which projects will generate the best return and prioritize them first.”

The fast food chain will also focus on upgrading its famous Whopper burger with new flavors. Curtis says the restaurant will continue to add to its chicken menu and work on developing more breakfast and plant-based items.

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