Burglarized Bakery Prints Suspect’s Face On Cookies And Gives Them Away For Free

A bakery that was recently the target of a robbery printed the suspect’s face on dozens of cookies.

Canfora Bakery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was robbed in April. The perpetrator was able to break into the front door and steal the cash register. The bakery’s owners, Eric and Karen Krieg looked through security footage and saw a clear image of the robber’s face. They then printed it out on edible paper and plastered it on about 100 sugar cookies to help identify him. The bakery handed out the cookies to customers and people in the community. Images of the cookies were also shared on Facebook and went viral.

“The bakery was robbed of cash and equipment on Monday, April 19th. So, we made delicious sugar cookies with his image on them!” Canfora wrote on Facebook.

Within hours of making the post, the bakery began receiving tips. A week later, a 45-year-old man was arrested in the case.

Canfora Bakery Cookies
Canfora Bakery Cookies

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  1. Not a Baller Dominic Klop your neighborhood pill poppin, crack smokin, derelict junkie was arrested for his sticky finger cookie heist and was identified 18 mins after the cookies were handed out.

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