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Caitlyn Jenner Recalls When She Tried To Ban The Kardashians From ‘The Ellen Show’

Caitlyn Jenner recalls when she considered banning the Kardashians from appearing on “The Ellen Show.”

In 2015, Caitlyn joined Ellen as a special guest on her show a few months after her transition. If you remember, during the interview, Ellen asked for Caitlyn’s opinion on marriage equality. Jenner, at the time, said she’s all for same-sex marriages but is still a “traditionalist.” Caitlyn’s comment sparked controversy, and she was called a hypocrite.

Jenner, who is now a part of the Big Brother VIP Australia cast, reflects on the situation during the season finale. Revisiting the moment, Caitlyn says after the interview, Ellen went on Howard Stern’s show & said Jenner was against gay marriage.

“The next week [Ellen] goes on Howard Stern’s show in New York… and says I was against gay marriage. And so in the media, I got really tough on her,” Caitlyn added.

When asked if Ellen contacted her after she found out Caitlyn was upset, she responded with “no.”

Caitlyn then mentions how she initially thought about banning her kids from the show. “I thought maybe I should call Kris [Jenner] and say, ‘Kris, why don’t you just ban any of the kids being on Ellen, but I didn’t,” Jenner says.

There has been an unconfirmed rumor that Caitlyn is actually banned from the show, but that is yet to be verified.

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