California Cities May Take Legal Action Against Governor Newsom’s Latest Beach Closure Order

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Local city leaders are criticizing California Governor Gavin Newsom after he added Orange County state parks and beaches to his latest closure order.  

The Democratic governor previously closed Los Angeles County beaches in the earlier stages of the pandemic, which may be the reason thousands flocked to the nearby Orange County to get some sand.  Governor Newsom was not pleased with the large number of people defying the social distancing rules and believes it threatens other citizens and the state’s healthcare system. 

“Specific issues on some of those beaches have raised alarm bells,” Newsom said. He is concerned with beachgoers, possibly spreading the virus once they return to their communities outside of the Orange County area. 

Now local leaders of Huntington Beach and Dana Point are threatening to take legal action claiming the authority to close Orange County. It should be up to local leaders and not Newsom. The city council held an emergency session to vote on taking legal action against Newsom. 

According to Fox News, Dana Point Councilman Joseph Muller calls out the governor for his administration’s inconsistent information in a recent conference call with council members and elected officials. Muller is in favor of taking legal action. 

Huntington Beach Mayor Lyn Semeta argues citizens should be allowed to go park and beaches for their mental health and exercise. The city has taken the needed measures to ensure the safety of those that choose to go. 

“Our experience here locally has been that most people are being responsible and complying with social distancing, and given that Orange County has among the lowest per capita COVID-19 death rates in California, the state’s action today seems to prioritize politics over data,” Semeta said in a written statement.

Newsom would like citizens to think of “social obligation or social contract” in hopes it will encourage Californians to think and act in a safe manner. “If we are not going to look like Italy in about ten days or two weeks, it will only be because of these mitigation measures,” Newsom said in a recent press conference.

The report did not disclose when local leaders plan on taking legal action.

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