Cam Newton Left Off NFL Tribute To Black Quarterbacks, Twitter Reacts

Cam Newton Left Off NFL Tribute To Black Quarterbacks, Twitter Reacts

The NFL is catching heat after leaving Cam Newton off its tribute to Black professional league quarterbacks.

On Friday, the league posted a picture in honor of Black professional quarterbacks, and people quickly pointed out Cam Newton was left off.

The tribute comes before next week’s Super Bowl game that will headline two Black quarterbacks for the first time; Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL’s tribute included images of Marlin Briscoe, the first Black quarterback in the AFL, Donovan Mcnabb, Michael Vick, Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Mahomes, and Hurts, along with the caption, “Honor the past, work hard in the present, and leave a legacy for the future.”

Twitter users have sounded off following the tweet wanting to know how Newton, a former quarterback for the Carolina Panthers for most of his 11-year career, was left off.

One user tweeted: “Cam Newton not being in this picture is disgusting @NFL. First black QB to win MVP? That counts for something. Let alone the fact that he’s better than every man up here not named Mahomes or Hurts.”

Another posted: “Cam Newton is an MVP and went 15-1 and y’all left him off. This is pathetic, low and ridiculous.”

Hurts had even mentioned Newton in a tweet, saying he “helped pave the way for a guy like me. Much love and respect OG ✊🏽

Somehow, Newton was still left off.

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  1. Not a Newton fan, but it is sheer incpetnce of analysis of the subject to leave Cam Newton off hte list of NFL’s starting black QBs. Newton was a great player for a long time and should be recognized for at least that. Whoever is in charge of, behind this project should never have anything to do with deciding anything about orofessional football in the NFL .Newton not on the list is a travesty.

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